Köp ett eget performance!

Aineen Taidemuseo/Tornio, december 2009
Konst i det Gröna/Luleå, juli/aug 2010

J & S, dressed up nicely, give the opportunity for the audience to choose a performance from a list. They pay a set price and then get to see or experience a performance on their own by J or S, in another room. Things to choose from are for example "Seven minutes in heaven", "Shake" and "Scream".

foto: Paul Palmer (http://www.laplandfoto.com) från The Aine Art Museum (image archives)

Foto: Paul Palmer - www.laplandfoto.com
Aine Art Museum image archives

Beloved Books

Bok och Bild/Luleå, oktober 2009
Kulturveckan/Haparanda, mars 2010
MADE-festivalen/Umeå, maj 2010

A performance in three pieces.
1. Construction: Draging books in slow walking, classical music is played loudly
2. De-Construction: Tearing small parts from an old book, gluing them to the face until the hole head is covered by book pieces
3. Re-Construction: Local people is gathered and put on chairs in the space. There they read their favourite book out loud, from beginning til the end, so that who ever can come and listen as long as they like




Så kom också natten

European Night Festival/Korpilombolo, december 2009
Nyårsfirande Pågränsen/HaparandaTornio, 2009/2010
Ice Music Festival/Geilo, februari 2010

J & S enters the space very slowly, carrying buckets with water and draging books in a long thread, to the sound of athmospheric music. During the performance they work with and against the cold air. There is water, steam, shaking and interaction.

Videosnutt från performancet i HaparandaTornio 2009/2010

Äventyret 2

Riksteatern och Stockholm Pride/Stockholm, augusti 2009
Sverigefinska folkhögskolan/Haparanda, september 2009
Högkvarteret/Stockholm, februari 2010
Västerås Konstmuseum, mars 2010

A performance for stage. J & S, dressed and surrounded only in white, researching
slowness and bad timing. These two characters shake, eat, stand - everything during a very long time.


leif-festivalen/Luleå, maj 2009

A playful performance for stage. It contains sound, video, karaoke, costumes, plastic animals and dancing - all in a colourful mess.

Foto: Annika Kronqvist

Buisness Walking

Arvikafestivalen, juli 2008
URKULT/Näsåker, aug 2010

A performance which contains very slow walking.
Dressed up in business suits, quiet and unreachable, they walk in different places and spaces where there is a lot of people.

Movie Walking

SHOOT - Dance for screen, Moderna Dansteatern/Dans i Nord, Kulturens Hus/Luleå, oktober 2008
Göteborgs Internationella Film Festival/Arty Fartyg, Tältet/Göteborg, februari 2010

A performance where Sofia stands still with video tape wrapped around her head and coming out from her dress. Johannes walks very slowly with video tapes coming out from his back.
Classical music is played loudly during the hole performance.

Stå i blomkruka

Sverigefinska folkhögskolan/Haparanda, april 2008
KROCK!, Uppsala Stadsteater, maj 2008
Paradiso II, Unga Tur/Kärrtorp, augusti 2008

A performance installation.
J & S stands on their knees with the head burried in the soil in sequences of 15 min.


Paradiso II, Unga Tur/Kärrtorp, augusti 2008
BLANDBAND, Galleri Syster/Luleå, augusti 2008
Sverigefinska Folkhögskolan/Haparanda, september 2009

A humoristic and strict performance for stage.
J & S stands in the frame the hole performance, dressed up nicely.
A series of different ways of changing their look begins.

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